3d rendering of a white keyboard with green voice over IP button, business concept.

The Truth about VoIP?

If you are a business owner or an IT person shopping for a new phone system, chances are very high that you are going to choose a Hosted Phone system. Hosted Phone system are also called “cloud phone system”, “hosted PBX”, “cloud PBX” or “VoIP”.  Simply put, it’s a phone system in the cloud which means the brains of the phone system are not on the premises (like a traditional PBX or Key System) but hosted at a remote data center or multiple date centers.

As a Telecom Consultant for San Diego County, Orange County, LA County and throughout the Unites States, I often wonder how people go about choosing a hosted phone system?  Most of the time, people tell me they just looked up on the internet.  This makes sense because everyone shops via the internet these days, including myself. But is this the best way when shopping for VoIP providers? Be careful when you fill out those forms on line and talking with quota bearing salespeople.

As a consultant or advisor, our goal is to put our client’s needs 1st and match them with the best carriers/providers. When customers are shopping around for VoIP service, the most important question I ask customers is “how important is voice quality”? Then I sit back and listen to how they answer. How one answers determine what solution I recommend.  VoIP providers route IP traffic in two (2) ways; over the “public internet” and/or “private internet”. Yes, there is such a thing as “private internet”, it’s also called MPLS. Most VoIP providers (Ring Central, 8×8, etc) only route traffic over the public internet which CANNOT guarantee voice quality. All traffic over the public internet is “best effort” which means sometimes the voice quality can be like a bad cell phone call.  So, if the VoIP providers tells you otherwise, run for the hills!!!  They either do not fully understand how VoIP works or just trying to make their monthly quota. If this sounds like you, give Green Telecom Group a call or at the very least, talk with Telecom Advisor that will give you straight answers.

Now if your business needs voice quality assurance or guarantee, then the “private internet” or having the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) can eliminate bad voice quality experience.

How to find the right Hosted PBX provider?

Finding the right Hosted PBX provider is only half of the equation, the other half is finding the right “private internet” or ISP. The choice is yours, talk to a hungry quota salesperson you just found on the internet or talk with an experienced Telecom and Cloud Consulting firm that puts your needs first and will help match your business with the right VoIP provider and ISP to ensure the best voice experience money can buy.

by Robert Green