Working with Green Telecom & Cloud Solutions

Here you’ll find answers to a number of frequently asked questions about our services and how we work with you to achieve the most effective, affordable telecom and technology solutions for your business.

Q. What is a telecom consultant or agent?

A. Our job is to assess your company’s telecom needs and help you acquire the right mix of services (voice, data, cloud) to achieve peak business performance and lower your monthly bills. Because we are independent agents who don’t work for the phone company, we offer objective advice so you don’t pay for more services than you need, and we “comparison shop” amongst many vendors to ensure you get the best possible pricing on everything you buy. Meanwhile, you can stay focused on running your business.

Q. How do telecom consultants get paid?

A. In most cases, we receive compensation from the telecom providers you choose, when you submit your order through us. That means our services are extremely inexpensive and often completely free to you, the client. In some circumstances, if you need objective advice on network design or engineering without changing carriers, Green Telecom will charge a direct consulting fee.

Q. Why work with a consultant versus buying direct from the phone company?

A. Telecom company sales people clearly have a vested interest in selling their products. Furthermore, they often work under sales quotas or incentive programs, which encourage them to sell products or add‐on services that your business may – or may not – need. By comparison, Green Telecom works on your behalf to shop around and obtain a mix of high quality services custom‐fit for your business, at the lowest prices. And, in the future, you can count on us for ongoing objective telecom advice as your business needs evolve.

Q. What is an “engagement letter,” and why does Green Telecom ask clients to sign one?

A. An engagement letter is a document intended to clarify certain terms of the working relationship with the client. For example, Green Telecom’s service includes consulting with you about your business needs, preparing comprehensive recommendations and researching pricing through various carriers, all of which takes time. If you elect not to move forward with the recommendations or choose to buy services directly from the carrier (meaning the carrier does not compensate Green Telecom for the sale), you will be charged a reasonable consulting fee.

Q. What is “price assurance” and why is it important?

A. Price assurance is our guarantee that Green Telecom can obtain the best possible pricing for the services you need. We do not mark up the services we obtain for you, which means your pricing will be as low (sometimes even lower) than the prices you could obtain by working with the carrier directly. If for some reason you do obtain a lower price for the same service from the same carrier, give us a few days to cure or our agreement is null and void and you owe Green Telecom nothing!

Q. Who does the client deal with after acquiring services through Green Telecom?

A. Once your company acquires telecom services based on our recommendations, your monthly bill will come directly from the carrier and/or phone company. If you have service issues, please contact the carrier’s 24‐hour support line first. However, if your service issues are not resolved in a satisfactory manner, Green Telecom can assist you with escalating your trouble ticket and ensuring any problems are corrected.