Things to Consider Before Switching to SD-WAN

The expectation of anytime anywhere access to bandwidth-intensive enterprise applications, including the growth of cloud services, has put a tremendous strain on traditional WAN infrastructures. Not only that, as remote offices have become the norm and mobile devices, video, and real-time applications continue to increase, many believe legacy enterprise WAN has reached its breaking point. [...]

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The Rise of Mobility and Its Effect on Business

By 2020, mobile devices will be so pervasive that the number of devices in the U.S. market will outnumber the population of the United States by 4 to 1. While that ratio seems to be almost real, the reality is that today most of the United States population uses at least one mobile device on [...]

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Moving to a Hybrid Cloud Solution

The hybrid cloud architecture is an extremely attractive model because it balances the need for increased application performance, improved resource utilization, the speed of delivery of IT resources and cost savings. The option to have some data and legacy applications kept on-premise or in a private cloud, as well the ability to quickly provision, use, [...]

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Video Conferencing Beyond the Boardroom

Once available only to large companies with big budgets, video conferencing has become a preferred method of collaboration among start-ups, mid-enterprises, and even government agencies. As video conferencing continues its rise in popularity beyond the corporate landscape, here’s a brief look at how other industries are taking advantage of the flexibility and convenience that comes [...]

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