At Green Telecom & Cloud Solutions, it’s our advisory approach to client service that separates us from others.  We consider it our mission to “Connect Businesses to the Cloud” for better, faster and high availability results. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, a fact that makes an experienced, objective advisor all the more valuable to your company.

We work to understand how your business operations, size, geography and plans for the future might shape your telecom needs. This is the first step toward creating a customized portfolio of telecom services that fits your budget. And in many cases, advising, quoting and implementation are provided free of charge, as Green Telecom is compensated by the service providers you choose.

For large clients and those with complex telecom needs, we also offer fee-based professional services. Our experts can help you evaluate your current telecom spend, contract expiration dates, inventory of services, audit, bill analysis, manage disconnects, billing issues, and vendor management. We can even manage the roll out of new telecom services.

Simply put, when you have telecom questions, we have answers. We’re your ongoing partner on the path to business prosperity.

Advisory Services

Need help soliciting bids on a large project? The Green Team will write the RFP on your behalf and get three competitive bids. We’ll help you:

  • Capture your organization’s background and goals for the project
  • Outline the scope of work and timeline for deliverables
  • Establish technical requirements
  • Delineate the budget and present clear criteria for selection
  • Review the submittals and make recommendations

Have a big project but not the staff? We manage all aspects of carrier orders and delivery of service. We’ll help you:

  • Define your business telecom needs
  • Recommend technology additions and modifications
  • Develop an implementation plan and timeline
  • Manage deployment and integration

We can expertly negotiate with carriers on your behalf to drive down prices for telecom and cloud services. How we do it:

  • Draw on longstanding relationships with our carrier contacts
  • Leverage inside knowledge of pricing models and carriers’ “floor prices”
  • Negotiate favorable terms/conditions that save you money over the long term
  • Work to minimize commitments without raising costs, giving you flexibility

Our technical professionals will help your organization simplify the complexity of voice and data networks, cutting costs and improving performance in the process. We’ll help you:

  • Choose the right equipment and service levels to match your business needs
  • Achieve appropriate redundancies to maximize uptime
  • Install intuitive network management tools
  • Establish standards for easy maintenance and equipment replacements
  • Design a scalable network that can grow with your business

When 100% uptime is critical to your business success, two providers are better than one. Having a backup internet provider is like an insurance policy that can prove invaluable when service outages occur. We’ll help you:

  • Find the best primary and backup internet options suitable for your business and applications
  • Match service levels and cost to your performance requirements and budget
  • Ensure diversity of technologies to minimize the possibility of double outages

Get a complete picture of your telecom costs with an in-depth analysis of your existing telecom services. We’ll help you:

  • Evaluate existing contracts
  • Reveal contract violations
  • Negotiate existing/new contracts
  • Review and evaluate bills (wireless/wireline)
  • Analyze customer services records
  • Ensure carriers charge accurately
  • Inventory every phone number and service
  • Assist with RFP process
  • Invoice audit recovery

Our experts can evaluate your infrastructure, design a network architecture, incorporate complementary cloud services, and guide you through a successful rollout.
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