4G LTE: It’s not just for cell phones anymore

Maybe you can’t explain what it is, exactly, but chances are you already know about 4G LTE. It’s what all the major cell service carriers tout on their commercials to promote the blazing speed of their mobile data networks, and (when you’re away from WiFi) you’re probably using 4G LTE every time you check your email, download an app, or watch a YouTube video on your phone.

But did you know that 4G LTE can also provide internet access for your business? Simply put, it’s become so reliable and so fast, that many companies are using 4G LTE as a backup, supplementary, or even primary internet connection. Here are a few examples:

  • An office-based business could use 4G LTE as a temporary solution while fiber or cable is being installed, and keep the service as an emergency backup if their primary internet goes down.
  • A company with a large sales organization may rely on 4G LTE to keep its field reps constantly connected to business applications.
  • A small mobile food truck business might use 4G LTE to process credit card transactions.

Thanks to the technological advancements in mobile networks and all sorts of complementary hardware and software to take advantage of it, businesses are becoming more mobile and versatile than ever before.

Enabling the mobile enterprise 4G LTE, which means “Fourth Generation – Long Term Evolution,” is making this mobile transformation possible by delivering the internet speed and reliability that today’s enterprises require. 4G LTE connectivity delivers broadband speeds through a cellular signal, instead of traditional DSL cable or T1 connection, which can be physically disrupted more easily. As a result of diversifying the network through Ethernet, WiFi, and WAN, 4G LTE offers much higher bandwidth, faster response times and increased network capacity. 4G LTE also delivers full mobility and performance options for secure connectivity at broadband speeds.

What does all of this technical jargon amount to? Essentially, it means that 4G LTE can do a lot more than allow you to check Facebook – it’s become a viable internet solution to conduct serious business. It’s enabling greater convenience and productivity gains by allowing employees to be fully engaged and empowered, wherever they may be. From file-sharing and video conferencing to instant messaging and powerful mobile business applications, 4G LTE can handle it all.

More than mobility While it was developed to provide fast connectivity to mobile devices (namely, cell phones), 4G LTE has also become powerful enough to play a role in the everyday office environment. Routers and adaptors integrated with 4G LTE technology deliver broadband connectivity to enterprises looking to support a mobile workforce, as well as those with several branch offices or retail locations. These routers can also be used to create private networks that tie directly into a company’s main office or headquarters. While 4G LTE routers offer similar internet connectivity as a WiFi hotspot or a data card, enterprise-grade 4G LTE routers allow for multiple data connections and they enable greater enterprise security with WEP, WPA/WPA2 encryption and firewall protection.

Summing it up, 4G LTE is a legitimate contender for businesses that need fast, reliable internet access, whether it’s on-the-move or in the office.

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