Small business owner gets an unpleasant AT&T surprise

This is a story of a business owner who's AT&T bill increased by 300% and the frustration of dealing with AT&T’s small business division. I am a telecom consultant in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles County, California that helps businesses in Southern California find the right provider for voice, internet and cloud services. [...]

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Business Internet Options explained

In today’s digital age, making the decision to purchase high-speed Internet access for your business is easy. There’s little doubt that you need it. The harder part is figuring out exactly how to access the Internet, how much bandwidth makes sense for your business and how soon can service install. If you’re not a technical [...]

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Should a start up company go CLOUD?

When it comes to communications technologies, it’s an exciting time for businesses – especially for small and mid-size companies who have long struggled to keep pace with larger competitors. What’s there to be so excited about? In a word: cloud. While some business owners may not realize it, the massive migration to the cloud represents [...]

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What is a Telecom Consultant or Telecom Agent?

Through my work, I’m always making new contacts with business owners, IT specialists and other professionals. When the conversation turns to what I do, I tell them I’m a telecom agent and consultant, and I’m often met with blank stares. Despite the fact that agents play a major role in the telecom sales process, many [...]

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